for parents impacted by a child's substance use or addiction

We support and educate parents of kids who misuse substances and struggle with mental health

You just found your tribe

We help parents of kids who misuse substances get connected, stay
healthy, and empower you to make positive change.

Hopestream Community is a private online space where parents find resources, education and personal connections when your child struggles with substance misuse, addiction, and mental health challenges. 

We teach skills that help improve communication and rebuild broken relationships, while empowering you to motivate your child to adopt or maintain healthier choices.

It's your mental & emotional health club when your family is experiencing one of the most difficult times imaginable.

Our community is like a comfortable home with a common area for moms and dads to learn and connect with each other, and has a separate, private wing for moms called The Stream and a private space for dads called The Woods.

This unique layout offers the collective wisdom gained from parents joining together in their journey yet allows for mom-only and dad-only discussion and connection when it's needed and appropriate.

Who Joins Hopestream Community?

Your child is likely the most amazing person - and highly challenging at the same time.

They’re brilliant and clever and wrestle with how to direct their immense talent in positive ways. When healthy, they will change the world.

Currently, you may be parenting a child like this...

  • teens or college-aged kids who are experimenting with or dependent on marijuana and alcohol
  • adolescents and young adults misusing substances like Xanax, Fentanyl, cocaine, Percocet, kratom, or heroin
  • young people transitioning to step-down houses, sober living, or in early recovery
  • adolescents or young people in wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school, or residential treatment programs
  • a young person on the spectrum struggling with social anxiety, gender identity, or executive functioning
  • kids refusing high school or failing college due to substance use, depression, or anxiety
  • teens who’ve developed eating disorders or engage in self-harm in addition to misusing substances
  • young people who identify as LGBTQ+ and are misusing drugs or alcohol
  • a teen or young adult who’s experienced an unintentional overdose or has thoughts of suicide

We're low on drama and high on supporting you.

Unlike many groups, our focus is on actively learning ways to connect with your child and motivate them toward making positive changes in their life. We're not about complaining, shaming or ranting - nor are we stuck in a "one-size-fits-all" mentality, so we think big and lean into the latest evidence-based approaches to empower you.
We invite you to join a positive, passionate and fiercely loving group of parents all working toward healing their families - we know change can and does happen because we've lived it ourselves.

Co-Founders Cathy Cioth, (L) & Brenda Zane, (R)

"I created this space, so no other parent has to suffer alone with feelings of helplessness and isolation when her son or daughter is struggling with substance use or addiction. It's the place I needed and wish existed when I was going through it." - Brenda Zane

"I learned early on how important it was to have a community around me when our family struggled with addiction. Now it’s a passion of mine to help others find balance and peace in their lives when they're faced with similar challenges." - Cathy Cioth

Frequently asked questions:

Why is there an annual commitment?

The expectation when you join us is you're committing to being a part of the Community for a full year. Why?

Because we've lived the chaos, we understand life is unpredictable. And for that very reason, you need to know your support system is not. It'll be here for you through the ups, the downs, and everything that happens in between (which can be a lot.) 

We, parents, tend to adjust our activity and participation as our kids move through their substance use and addiction journey, and that's ok. You'll never have to sit alone at 2 am wondering who to reach out to. Your Tribe will be there for you.

What's the time commitment to benefit from this membership?

Honestly, as much or little as you can invest, and we know that fluctuates with your child's current situation. Ideally, if you tap into the community for 5-10 minutes per day, you'll see real, lasting, and healthy benefits. Of course, we'd love to see you more, and the more you tap in, the more you'll get out of it.

When are events held?

Our events are scheduled to accommodate members in various time zones and countries. Our current schedule looks like this: (subject to change)

  • C.R.A.F.T. & Invitation to Change classes: Weekly on Thursdays, 5pm Pacific (all members)
  • Communication Coaching using the Invitation to Change Approach: Monthly, rotating weekdays (all members)
  • Saturday Coffee and Care: Every other Saturday, alternating at 8:30am or 1p (The Stream)
  • The Relationship Hour: Co-parent therapeutic coaching with marriage and couples therapist (all members, monthly)
  • Tuesday Community Meetup: Every other Tuesday, 4pm Pacific (all members)
  • Weekly Fireside Chats: Tuesdays and Thursdays, alternating weeks at 5:30pm Pacific (The Woods)
  • Guest Speakers: Monthly, times vary (all members)
  • Therapeutic coaching call: Monthly, rotating days (The Stream)
  • Live text chats: Tuesdays at 8:30am Pacific, Wednesdays at 4:30pm Pacific (The Stream)
  • New member calls: Every other Friday, 8:30am Pacific (The Stream)
  • Supporting a child in recovery call: Monthly on 3rd Wednesday, 3pm Pacific (The Stream) 
  • Warrior moms (moms of adult children) call: Monthly on 3rd Monday, 4:30pm Pacific
  • Annual in-person retreats: 4-day weekends in October and April
  • Live local meetups: dates and times vary by city (all members)

What if I miss or can't make a call or event?

Most of our events and calls are recorded and available to replay on your own time.

*We offer financial scholarships to those who wish to join and need some assistance. Simply email us here; we'd love to help, no questions asked. 

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